Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary


Business Number: 827317744RR0001

Our Mission

The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is based near Ottawa, Ontario. We rehabilitate injured and orphaned wild mammals and reptiles until they are healthy enough to be returned to the wild. We also offer advice to the public on ways to co-exist peacefully with wildlife, and prevent and wildlife problems using humane, cost-effective ways. The Sanctuary relies entirely on grants and donations to continue its work.

About the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

With the support of the community and hundreds of volunteers, the Sanctuary has grown from a small home-based operation in 2005, to the largest wild mammal and reptile rehabilitation centre serving much of Eastern Ontario. The Sanctuary has treated more than 10,000 animals since 2005 and now admits more than 1,000 every year.

Many wildlife adapt to living in our urban environments, but they face many challenges. More than 90% of wildlife are injured or orphaned because of human activities. Mothers are accidentally killed by cars, or illegally trapped and relocated, leaving behind starving orphaned babies. Animals are injured by vehicle collisions, cat and dog attacks, and even human cruelty. These young and vulnerable wildlife have no chance at survival except for your support.

Your gift will provide orphaned wildlife with the nourishment and loving care they need to grow and thrive. Injured turtles, all of which are species at risk, will have their shells repaired and the proper support for re-growth. Injured or sick wildlife will have their pain alleviated and the proper veterinary care they need to heal.

You can make a difference in the lives of injured and orphaned wildlife, and return them to a life free in the wild.

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