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Escobal Mine Resistance Emergency Fund


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Escobal Mine Resistance Emergency Fund

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The Peaceful Resistance of Santa Rosa, Jalapa and Jutiapa in southern Guatemala maintains two 24-hour camps on either side of the Escobal mine. The camps are powerful, visual proof of the widespread opposition to the project and are strategically important because they monitor road traffic with the aim of selectively turning back vehicles from trying to access the mine. The Escobal mine has been suspended since June 2017 as a result of the resistance camps and court decisions for lack of prior consultation with the Xinka people.

The Peaceful Resistance is under increasing pressure from Canadian mining owner Pan American Silver and its local supporters who recognize the strategic importance of the resistance camps. They have been trying to weaken the resistance through engaging in regional governance structures and efforts to criminalize their peaceful actions.

A coalition of international allies, including the Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network, Earthworks, the Institute for Policy Studies - Global Economy Program and others, have undertaken to raise funds that can be used to more readily address emergency situations arising.

Please show your solidarity and donate to this Emergency Support Fund whatever you can. If you are not able to contribute financially, please share in your networks!

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