Rising Angels

Registered Name: Rising Angels Awareness & Restorative Care

Business Number: 817871395RR0001

At Rising Angels, our mission is:

to bring sex trade education to professionals and the public, and to provide supportive services and safe environments to women exploited by the sex trade, allowing them to experience physical, mental, social and spiritual restoration in their lives.

We’re passionate about making anyone and everyone aware that commercial sexual exploitation happens every day all across our country, in your neighbourhood and in our neighbourhood.  We do this by speaking to the public – young, old and in between – providing facts, statistics, and prevention tips so that each of you can become part of the solution.

We provide assistance to women who have been affected by the sex trade, whether “involuntarily” – known as human trafficking – or “voluntarily” – more commonly known as prostitution. We support them when they are in crisis and on an ongoing basis through mentoring, coaching, and trauma informed counseling.

We offer training to service providers and front line workers. Our training seminars are specifically focused to ensure attendees understand the trauma that affects women who have been exploited in this way. The seminars are survivor led and include the use of our “Mending Broken Wings” resource manual.

We operate from an abolitionist stand. We believe that commercial sex is inherently dangerous and constitutes violence against women.  We desire healthier, safer alternatives and a world where females are respected and valued as persons.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, Rising Angels provides training, programs and support across Ontario

What People Are Saying

" Rising Angels does everything they can to build back your worth, and are given the ability to stand up for yourself against the man who took everything from you. They’re right by your side whenever you need them. "

— Rising Angels Mentee

"Rising Angels gave me the courage to rebuild my life and to heal. I will always be grateful for everything they have done for me. I don’t know where I would be without them."

— Rising Angels Mentee

"Men Ending Trafficking greatly values our partnership with Rising Angels... Under the survivor leadership of Katarina MacLeod, Rising Angels provides some of Canada’s strongest training for law enforcement and survivor care professionals."

— John Cassells, MET Board Chair

"...a Google search led me to Rising Angels. Within 24 hours, Executive Director Katarina McLeod was in my living room offering to walk the recovery journey with my daughter... our entire family has received wrap around care..."

— Mother of Survivor

"...One youth at a time, Kat has a way to reach into your soul and draw you into joining in the work to build safe communities for children and hold offenders accountable."

— Deborah Pope BSW MSW Director of Service, BRUCE GREY CHILD & FAMILY SE

"... are extremely knowledgeable with regards to the complexities of recovery which is very evident in the training sessions they facilitate. [Our] staff utilizes & highly recommends this comprehensive training for any and all organizations who work with women who have been sexually exploited."

— Larry Shanks, Executive Director, SafeHope Homes

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