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Riverdale Housing Animation Programs (RHAP) has been the charitable arm of Riverdale Housing Action Group (RHAG) since 1997. Riverdale Housing Action Group is a community-based non-profit housing provider, established in 1986, to ensure safe, permanent and rent-geared-to income housing for the most vulnerable in our community. 

RHAP was created to further address the needs of women, children and youth in the RHAG and larger Toronto East communities as members find it difficult to cover even the costs of living and basic necessities. 100% of community members live below the poverty line. 

Comprehensive support programs ensure members can participate, develop and grow within their community. These are free-of-charge connection services and supports aimed to address the gap between rich and poor, to break the cycle of poverty and violence, as well as to help tenants live independently and maintain housing. Educational opportunities and social, recreational and creative programs for RHAG members and their children are provided in a safe and healthy environment. Opportunities are provided for cooperation, inclusion, participation and exploration, individual growth, the development of positive friendships and strong family relationships.

All funding for these programs are raised through grants and direct support from individual donors. Please support us in continuing these vital programs in the community! 

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