Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation

Registered Name: Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation

Business Number: 761391911RR0001

Shark populations have dropped over 90% in the past 30 years, threatening the balance of life on earth upon which we depend on.

We don’t think you want to be contributing to the demise of one of the oldest, most important predators the planet has, without knowing it!

Sharks are being killed for more than just their fins… They are being killed for their livers… for their flesh… for their cartilage… for their skin.

And they’re being sold to you in disguise!

Chances are, you’ve consumed or used products that contain shark. You just didn’t know it!

Unfortunately, the burden is on the consumer to educate themselves about products that contain shark and perform the necessary detective work to ensure they are not contributing to the sharks’ demise.

The Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation advocates for ocean conservation through awareness, education, and entertainment.

Sharkwater, Revolution and Sharkwater Extinction are the films by the acclaimed activist Rob Stewart which have sparked a worldwide phenomenon to save sharks, the oceans, and ourselves. 

What People Are Saying

"Saddened by the passing of Rob Stewart. The world has lost a man who dedicated his life to protecting our oceans and sharks. He'll be missed."

— Leonardo DiCaprio

"I have a new hero, and his name is Rob Stewart. Rob has forever changed the way people view sharks and the ocean, it will open their eyes...and, hopefully, their hearts."

— Founder, Deeper Blue, COARE

"We should be thankful that in our little galaxy of stars that our life is and our friends are, that we had a sun like Rob at the centre of it. We lost a son, a brother, a mentor."

— George Stroumboulopoulos

"A rare gift to the oceans and the world. There was no one like Rob and his loss is profound. He has inspired a whole generation of young people, many of whom will go on and amplify Rob's work."

— David Suzuki

" We are now offering a shark class at Dalhousie (since 2013) and it is always oversubscribed by at least 5 times the enrolment limit. I have more students than I can count come to my office saying they want to study marine biology because they saw Sharkwater. A whole generation has been affected."

— Dr. Boris Worm,

"I don't think there's a film that's influenced me more than Sharkwater."

— Sir Richard Branson

"Bill S-238 (Shark Fin Importation Ban) was inspired by Rob’s work. His award-winning documentary Sharkwater is largely responsible for shedding light on the detrimental effects shark finning is having on the species."

— Senator Michael L MacDonald

"Rob is such a hero and inspiration."

— HRH Princess Eugenie of York

"The Sharks lost a guardian and the oceans lost a voice. He helped open our eyes to the deep blue world he loved. #RobStewart #sharkwater"

— Sea Shepherd UK

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