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Send a family to Camp Romero!


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Send a family to Camp Romero!

Camp has been a highlight of the year for many refugee families living at Romero House. For one week in August, 45 people spend a week at a summer camp swimming and canoeing in the lake, sharing meals, and playing games. It is a time to take a break from the refugee process and get out of the city; to connect with nature and with each other.

Tembie, a former resident, shares what Romero Camp meant to her: 

Romero Camp was so impactful for me and my son. When you're going through the refugee process, there's a lot of waiting, anxiety, and loss of self-esteem and confidence. Especially in winter, we felt closed in our apartment and in our lives. Going to camp, it was so open and relaxing. We had the sense of being free, the freedom most of us had lost, especially our children. 

We got to connect more with other refugees, especially ones who lived in the other houses. We shared our experiences and felt more comfortable regardless of language barriers. At Camp, our real selves came out. We found ourselves. Nature brought that out in us. We built intimacy with other refugees there. It was great to get to know former residents too, refugees who had moved out of Romero House, and to see how they had grown into the community and professionally. It gave me hope. 

I have so many beautiful memories of Camp. Like finding a pumpkin plant and getting to prepare relish from the leaves for everyone to eat, which is something we do back home in Zimbabwe. I am not good around water, but Jack Costello (the Camp Director at the time) had such patience with us, taking care of the young ones and also older adults around the lake.  

Returning to Camp for the second time as staff was good in a different way. I liked being part of the different programs. I liked helping newer refugees feel comfortable and open. I felt like I was giving back. I could talk about Camp forever!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Camp! (The first Camp took place in 1991 and has taken place every year except three years during the pandemic.) That means this experience has touched the lives of more than a thousand refugees. 

This incredible experience relies on the support of donors like you. We need to raise $14,530.00 to cover the venue, transportation, food, and activities for 45 people for 8 days and 7 nights. Can you chip in today? 

A donation of $500 will offer a room to family of four for the week

A donation of $200 will send two kids to and from camp by bus

A donation of $75 will pay for food for a camper for the week 

A donation of $25 will pay for a camper's activities for the week like fishing and arts & crafts

Any funds raised above what is needed will be spent on general Romero House programs.

Thank you so much!