Rooftops Canada


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Our Mission

Rooftops Canada is the international development program of co-operative and social housing organizations in Canada. Rooftops Canada works with partner organizations to improve housing conditions, build sustainable communities, and develop a shared vision of equitable global development. Rooftops Canada's focus is on disadvantaged communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Since 1984, Rooftops Canada has been providing technical expertise and leadership in low-cost housing and human settlements development around the world and takes a comprehensive approach in developing its international programs:

Housing Microfinance Programs: Assisting thousands of low-income families who cannot afford to buy complete houses to acquire land, install basic services, and improve or build houses step by step.

Housing and Children’s Safety: Focussing on violence prevention and addressing children’s safety and security, as well as incorporating the perspectives of children in housing research and safety solutions.

Housing and HIV/AIDS: Training peer educators to reduce the stigma and discrimination in housing groups, improving food security, and enhancing livelihoods of individuals living with HIV.

Housing Rights and Governance: Strengthening democratic governance by encouraging dialogue among communities, local and senior levels of government, and other stakeholders.

Urban Food Security, Urban Agriculture and Housing Spaces: Integrating broader food systems thinking into urban food production, processing and sales, both in green field housing projects and in slum upgrading. 

What People Are Saying

"With freedom from the nagging landlords I no longer feel vulnerable and have the space and freedom to raise chickens and operate a small retail business. "

— Chemedzai, Microfinancing client of the Zimbabwe National Association

"Imagine a crowded room full of 60-70 children, ranging in age from three to fifteen, all focused on a their own larger-than-life drawings, maps, photos, and drawings of ‘feeling safe’ and ‘feeling not so safe. "

— Professor Claudia Mitchell, McGill University

"Seeing is believing! When others see how our lives have improved, they understand that this system of taking small loans to build homes over time really works! "

— Zainabu Msunga, Microfinancing client of the WAT Human Settlements Tru

"I have learn to use accommodating and non-discriminatory language and will encourage my colleagues and others not to use discriminatory and undermining language when dealing with clients with HIV-AIDS. "

— Nicodemus Setshedi, Executive Manager at MES, Johannesburg, South Afri

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