Room 217 Foundation

Registered Name: Room 217 Foundation

Business Number: 857285092RR0001

Our Mission

The mission of the Room 217 Foundation is to raise and steward funds to provide comforting support to those in life limiting situations and their caregivers by:

1. Music Care Resources – offering hope and comfort by producing therapeutic music products

2. Music Care Education – providing skills & training for integrating music into care

3. Music Care Delivery – getting resources to people who need them most

4. Music Care Research – supporting innovative research in music and care

About Our Charity

The Room 217 Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation and registered Canadian charity dedicated to caring for the whole person with music. Programs include:

* therapeutic music products: Room 217 CDs & Companion DVDs

* Music Care Concerts, Educational Presentations

and Music Care Conference

* two research projects are currently underway within the healthcare sector

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PO Box 145

Port Perry, ON , L9L 1A2

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