Room 217 Foundation

Registered Name: Room 217 Foundation

Business Number: 857285092RR0001

About This Charity

Our Mission

The mission of the Room 217 Foundation is to raise and steward funds to provide comforting support to those in life limiting situations and their caregivers by:

1. Music Care Resources – offering hope and comfort by producing therapeutic music products

2. Music Care Education – providing skills & training for integrating music into care

3. Music Care Delivery – getting resources to people who need them most

4. Music Care Research – supporting innovative research in music and care

About Our Charity

The Room 217 Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation and registered Canadian charity dedicated to caring for the whole person with music. Programs include:

* therapeutic music products: Room 217 CDs & Companion DVDs

* Music Care Concerts, Educational Presentations

and Music Care Conference

* two research projects are currently underway within the healthcare sector

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Port Perry, ON , L9L 1A2

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