Roosevelt Campobello International Park


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Roosevelt Campobello International Park is a singular example of international cooperation; jointly administered, staffed, and funded by the peoples of Canada and the United States. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s magnificent summer home is preserved here in a combination indoor museum and outdoor nature park on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

Since 1964, Roosevelt Campobello International Park has treated visitors to a unique vacation experience. Created by a treaty that honors the memory of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the legacy of friendship between the two countries.

Tea with Eleanor

Expert guides tell of Eleanor Roosevelt's life on Campobello Island, and of her years of activism and public service, all accompanied by Eleanor's favourite blend of tea and a variety of delicious cookies.

An Evening at the Cottage

Travel to the Golden Age of Radio and learn more about FDR’s famous ‘Fireside Chats’. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a recreation of a live radio play by the Roosevelt Park Radio Hour at the historic Adams Lodge on Friar’s Bay.

Natural Area

Taking in the stunning beauty of the 2800-hundred acres of Roosevelt Park’s Natural Area is a rich ecological experience and should not be missed! Home to coastal headlands, rocky shores, cobble beaches, sphagnum bogs, fields and forests. Hikes and carriage roads will usher you to an adventure in every corner of the Park.

What People Are Saying

"A truly beautiful place … the best museum experience I have ever had!"

— Visitor review (2019)

"An outdoor enthusiast’s paradise"

— USA Today (2018), Read More

"A must-visit on Campobello Island"

— Visitor review (2019)

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