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As a charitable organization, we have proudly delivered exceptional theatrical experiences for children, families, teachers, and communities since 1983. We were Ontario's leading touring company for Theatre for Young Audiences prior to the pandemic, a goal we aim to achieve as we rebuild. During these challenging times, we've continued to offer engaging virtual programs for ages 5-18, recognizing that children have rich emotional lives and deserve content that resonates with their experiences. In the upcoming year, we are committed to expanding our reach further across the GTA, building on the progress we made last year, and ensuring even more children can benefit from our offerings.

Roseneath remains steadfast in its mission to empower and educate young people through thought-provoking plays and innovative programming. This year our shows ignite discussions surrounding financial literacy, mental health, bullying, 2SLGBTQ+ safe spaces, and gender expression. These plays, THE MONEY TREE (TMT), OUTSIDE (OUT), and LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS (LGBG), embody our commitment to promoting the well-being of young individuals throughout the GTA.