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Community Fridge London


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Community Fridge London

This volunteer-driven community initiative aims to provide fresh food and staples for free, through a community fridge and pantry, to combat food insecurity.  The fridge is located at St. John the Divine, 390 Base Line Road West in London.  

The fridge operates under a “take what you need, and leave what you can" philosophy, where necessities such as fresh produce, pantry goods and personal care items can be accessed at any time of day, no questions asked, without enrolling in a program, and free from the stigma associated with food insecurity.  The community fridge and pantry is depleted, replenished, cleaned and sanitized daily by a team of community volunteers.  

We work collaboratively with other groups and organizations including the London Food Bank in order to avoid duplication of services, and to date are the only organization that operates 24/7. 

Support to establish the fridge was generously donated by McKenzie Law Lawyers, Libro, and The Rotary Club of London South.  

Funds for ongoing support will supplement perishable foods if the cupboard is empty.  This donation site provides a channel for supporters who prefer to donate monetary funds on an individual or monthly basis.  All donations over $20.00 receive a tax receipt.  100% of all funds donated go directly to the Community Fridge Project which is one of many community service projects coordinated by The Rotary Club of London South.

Persons interested in volunteering for this project can email