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Cuban Humanitarian Trip


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Cuban Humanitarian Trip

Help Rotarians make a difference in Cuba.  The Cuban people have suffered immeasurably since the US imposed embargo decades ago.  Compounded by the recent COVID lockdown and consequent decline in tourism and an official inflation rate of 40% from October 2021 to October 2022, essential products are in short supply and/or unattainable due to cost.

A team of London South Rotarians will be travelling to Cuba in February 2024 with a MissionGo missionary to help ease the plight of orphaned children in a few of the country’s 40 orphanages.  They will be taking medical and educational supplies, sports equipment and basic necessities to assist the country’s most vulnerable.

Financial donations of any amount will help purchase over the counter medications to distribute to small medical clinics throughout the community as well as to underwrite the $75 Cdn. per suitcase air cost for each additional piece of luggage beyond the one suitcase limit.