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Royal Roads is a vibrant, robust and relevant community of people taking knowledge and experience and turning it into opportunity. Our university and the military colleges which preceded it have a proud history of providing a transformative educational experience: Royal Roads graduates apply their learning to bring positive change to their work, lives and communities.

Our alumni tell us their experience at Royal Roads was life changing. Unfortunately, for some students, the financial implications of post-secondary education can be a significant barrier to starting or even completing their educational journey. Your donation can help students overcome these financial challenges and create avenues and opportunities for success.

Why Royal Roads?

What People Are Saying

"In my personal journey, I did not have the finances to do a master’s degree. I took the leap, and receiving a bursary was one of the many blessings along the way that encouraged me to keep going. "

— Amy Cousins, School of Environment and Sustainability

"Although the intellectual challenge of my educational journey has been exciting, the financial challenge has been daunting at times. Even small awards make a dent in the costs, and are very welcome to the spirit. The powerful boost in morale and confidence provided by my awards was immediate. "

— Carla Funk, College of Interdisciplinary Studies

"The award I received not only supported me financially, but it also gave me confidence in my academic journey. I learned so much about myself at Royal Roads, and I feel I have the skills to make a powerful impact in the world now. "

— Wendy Kenward, School of Leadership

"Quite simply, without my award, I could not have continued in my educational journey and I would not have fulfilled a lifelong dream. "

— Patti Anthony, School of Business

"The awards I received benefited me more than just financially; they inspired me to become the best I can be as I move on from university. "

— Peggy Liu, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

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