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Legacy Fund for Trauma Care

The Humboldt Broncos tragedy has deeply touched and saddened the people of Saskatchewan. However the positive sense of community, compassion and solidarity with the injured athletes and their families from across the province and beyond has been truly inspirational. Thirteen critically injured players and team members were transported to Royal University Hospital the night of April 6th 2018. The medical teams in Nipawin, Tisdale and at RUH who responded that night and through the following days and weeks were truly exceptional in their dedicated response to the patients and their families. Lives were saved.

Donor support through the Royal University Hospital Foundation’s GREATE.R. Campaign funded the $500,000 Trauma pilot program at RUH in September 2015. Following a six-month evaluation, the Trauma Program became a permanent program of the Saskatchewan Health Authority. A dedicated Trauma Team lead (TTL) supported by a team of sub specialists is available to respond when needed. This has changed how critical trauma care is delivered in our Emergency Department. Donor support to the GREATE.R. Campaign also funded advanced equipment and technology for trauma treatment throughout our Hospital. Not only equipment in emergency, but a new state-of-the-art advanced imaging O-arm unit for the Operating Room (OR) used throughout the week-end by our orthopedic and spine surgeons, the new angio biplane suite and medical imaging equipment for our neurosurgeons, upgrades to monitors in the Intensive Care Unit and a new OR Waiting Room for family members during this challenging time. Donors to the GREATE.R. Campaign understood that RUH needed to be ready when a trauma patient requiring lifesaving care arrived at RUH. On April 6, 2018 when a Code Orange was called with multiple incoming casualties, the Trauma Team and other medical professionals and equipment was in place, and ready to respond when the patients and their families began to arrive at RUH, Saskatchewan’s busiest emergency department.

To honour the lives lost and changed as a result of this horrific tragedy the RUH Foundation has created a Legacy Fund for Trauma Care. This $5 million Legacy Fund for Trauma Care is established in honour of the Humboldt Broncos. The immediate outpouring of donations from our community and across the country in support of our medical teams and Hospital led the Foundation to create this fund. Interested corporations, individuals, businesses and family foundations can now support the Legacy Fund for Trauma Care that will build on and strengthen the Trauma Program at Royal University Hospital for the people of Saskatchewan today and into the were saved.

Over the next 10 years, RUHF will invest donor support to enhance the trauma program based at RUH by investing in our medical teams who will continue to save lives today and into the future. The Legacy Fund for Trauma Care in honour of the Humboldt Broncos will support:

  • An annual provincial Trauma Lecture delivered by a leading Trauma Specialist from North America. The inaugural Trauma Lecture in honour of the Humboldt Broncos will be held in April 2019.
  • An annual $100,000 Trauma sub-specialist Fellowship Award in honour of the Humboldt Broncos will be granted in support of a specialist (emergency, anesthesia, neuro, medical imaging, respiratory, critical care, orthopedics or surgery) to be trained as a sub-specialist in Trauma Care at a leading healthcare institution in North America.
  • Ongoing funding of $50,000 per year will help support: Schwartz Rounds, the new Provincial Trauma Program for Nursing and Physician Critical Stress Incident Management (CSIM), Mass Casualty Incident Training and an annual Resiliency in Nursing, Health Professionals and Physician Conference Day.
  • An annual $50,000 Trauma Care Research Grant in support of injury prevention issues and activities to support and promote internal and external trauma related research activities.
  • Provide $2.5 M for equipment and new technology for advanced trauma and emergency resuscitation and care to ensure RUH continues to have the most advanced technology, simulation programming and education, equipment and space available for our medical teams for patient care.

Our goal is to raise $5 Million for the Legacy Fund for Trauma Care in honour of Humboldt Broncos. The impact of the Legacy Fund for Trauma Care will be seen tomorrow, next year and far into the future. The lives lost and lives changed forever will not be forgotten within our Hospital. Saskatchewan’s busiest Trauma Centre at Royal University Hospital will have the necessary new equipment, and well-trained and empathetic medical teams who are ready whenever trauma patients and their families arrive at the Royal University Hospital Emergency Department.