Rumble Theatre


Business Number: 137076485RR0001

About This Charity

Our Mission

Rumble produces contemporary plays from the Canadian and world repertoire, commissions & produces new Canadian adaptations of outstanding stories and fosters meaningful interactions between emerging and established artists.

About Our Charity

Since 1991 Rumble Theatre has served as a vital member of the Vancouver theatre community.

Rumble has initiated and founded unique community events and arts festivals (PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Tremors Festival, the Hive series), we have provided crucial development guidance to emerging companies, some of whom have evolved to be major players in the theatre community (Theatre Replacement, The Chop, Atomic Vaudeville) and we have generated productions of great courage and audacity (Clark and I Somewhere in Connecticut, Snowman, Blackbird, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot).

We are co-founders and residents of PL1422, a shared theatre production and administrative space in East Vancouver.