Rustle Church

Registered Name: Rustle Free Methodist Church

Business Number: 107406316RR0053

Supplemental food for Kingston low income neightbourhood

Due to changes in our neighbourhood at Rustle and Patrick St. in Kingston Ontario during the COVID-19 crisis, food resources in the city have been altered. This was already an economically poor area but layoffs have decreased income and increased usage of the foodbank (making it busy for appointments), and food programs and grocery stores are more difficult to access. The “In from the Cold” (IFTC) shelter is full and on lockdown and are looking for hot food donations. We have traditionally done our cooking group to teach people some cooking skills and provide meals to the neighbourhood on Tuesday afternoon, however, there are no food programs operating on the weekend in our neighbourhood, whereas St. Vinnie's offers bagged lunches Mon-Fri. (We are helping with the distribution) As we are no longer able to meet we have been delivering meals on Tuesday but we are now going to shift this into the weekend where it seems to be more needed. During this crisis, we have also been sending a hot meal to the IFTC shelter as many people from the shelter used to visit our program. During this social distancing time of hardship we are reaching over 100 families (many who may not be able to make it out to other food supply programs) every time we give out food and it is very much appreciated by the community. Additional funds are used to purchase more food and supplies for making and distributing meals.