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Resilience Fund for Community-Based Seniors Supports

Registered Name: Sage Seniors Association

Business No: 119154839RR0001

Resilience Fund for Community-Based Seniors Supports

Connections are the building blocks of resilience. And Sage builds connections with and for seniors daily. Connections with community and government services, with the private sector, with healthcare providers, and with individuals like you to strengthen resilience for all seniors. Did you know that approximately 6500 individuals accessed Sage's programs and services?!

That doesn‘t include the connections made through resources like Sage's Directory of Senior Services which is provided for free to support seniors

Today’s rising cost of living has made the challenges facing seniors even greater. And the vulnerable are impacted the most. But together, as a community, with your support, we can help build resilience to withstand and recover from difficulties.

And this is why we ask you to help if you can with a donation to Sage’s Resilience Fund.

Your gift will be pooled with others to create safe and welcoming community spaces, to provide support in times of crisis or vulnerability, to foster social connections and engagement, and to provide resources like the Directory that help seniors find housing and access the services they need. Your gift will help create healthy aging.

Thank you for helping to create a community that believes in the value of seniors!