Saint-Antoine Community Center 50+


Business Number: 131412389RR0001

Our Mission

Saint Antoine 50+ is a social service organization that offers diverse programs and services to all seniors, as well as other adults in the community.  Our mission focuses on enhancing the quality of life of individuals, and we strive every day to break the isolation of people 50+ in the South-West community of Montreal.


At Saint Antoine 50+, we are committed to breaking social isolation and loneliness through community integration; to favoring mutual help; encouraging independence; and preventing premature institutionalization.

We strive to help our Members develop their self-confidence by enhancing our core values. Those qualities are in each individual and must be promoted for them to achieve optimal personal growth and live a more fulfilling life.

The development of self-esteem must guide daily behaviors within the Centre between those providing services and those receiving services

To combat exclusion by building connections and creating meaningful social engagement between older adults and the younger generation

Long-Term Objectives

Saint-Antoine has set 3 long-term objectives that adhere to our mission statement and serve as guidelines when we develop Programs for Home Support Services and Centre Activities.

  1. To assist members to develop healthy lifestyles by providing programming that raises awareness of healthy practices and providing them with access and advocacy for health services. Together we aim to promote optimal physical, emotional and mental health.
  2. To improve the quality of life for the less autonomous by providing, referring and/or advocating for a range of home and community-based support services.
  3. To foster and strengthen a sense of belonging, self-worth, and self-respect among members by providing opportunities and developmental activities to interact, contribute and share experiences in a safe environment.

To achieve these goals, we offer activities in the premises of the center and around the home support.

Saint-Antoine has 23 subsidized apartments for seniors.


About Saint Antoine Community Center 50+

Saint Antoine 50+ offer a host of exciting activities tailored to seniors intended to break isolation, maintain and develop their gross and fine motor skills, develop their social skills, maintain their cognitive function and meet their basic needs.

Our current activities include:

Hot meals, soup & sandwiches, arts and crafts, birthday parties, breakfast, cards, computer courses, computer access, light exercises, games, special events, day trips and much more.

In addition, we offer home support services such as medical accompaniments and transportation, friendly visits or calls, birthday wishes, translation and assistance with forms, information and referrals, foot clinic, massage therapy, information sessions and so much more.


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