Maison Saint Columba House

Registered Name: Maison Saint-Columba / Saint Columba House

Business Number: 814437737RR0001

COVID-19 Emergency request to support our meal program for those at-risk

Campaign Ends April 30, 2020

During this pandemic, we are committed to continuing to supply a hot meal free to those in need.  We are in the process of moving our community lunch program to a pick up and delivery program and we need your help.  We will require the purchase of additional 16,000 plastic containers, protective gloves, paper towel and soap to allow this to happen. We will also need additional funds to cover the cost of food. 

Our participants suffer from low income and affording food at the best of times is challenging. We provide daily 120 meals to at-risk children, youth and adults within our community.  These are some of our most vulnerable people with little to no support system. For many that we feed, this is their sole meal daily. 

We are anticipating that the requests for our service will increase over the next week. The need is great and the challenge is large. While we are all facing stress and difficulty over this time, those who suffer from low income are perhaps some of our most vulnerable and in need. This is where we all step in to help. 

Currently, as little as $30 dollars can feed 1 person one meal for 20 days.  We are asking for your support to ensure that each request can be met. 

$7,200 raised out of $10,000 goal

72.005% Complete
3 weeks, 6 days to go