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Saint Columba House

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Food-You can't live without it!

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2018

Did you know that 1 in 8 Canadians experience food insecurity? It is a shocking number – 4 million Canadians daily – and the number is growing. You see when a parent needs to skip a meal to feed their child, people need to make choices between rent, heat and food and people cannot afford nutritious food, we are witnessing food insecurity. How can this happen in a country as wealthy as Canada? 

What can you do to help? How can we reduce this growing number?  Saint Columba House is launching a hunger appeal to raise $50,560 to feed more people in this community, more often. To meet our goal, we need your help.  This is how your gift today makes a difference – a lifesaving difference through two food programs at Saint Columba House.


Community Lunch 4,375 extra meals – appeal goal $ 26,250

At Saint Columba House, we feed 200 people daily with a hot meal through our community lunch and our Meals on Wheels Programs. That’s 44,000 meals – 88,000 vegetables and 44,000 sources of protein a year. For many who walk through our doors, this is their sole meal daily. The needs and the demands for food are growing each month in this community; one of the most at risk in Canada. While our lunch program is busy every day, we notice that as the end of the month gets closer and the budget tighter, our numbers and line ups skyrocket. We extended our community lunch into the summer months for an additional 5 weeks last summer when we realized that hunger does not take a vacation over summer. To continue this next summer, we need to raise $26,250 to cover the additional 4,375 meals. Saint Columba House is the sole, community organization that is open during the summer for 5 weeks. The feedback from our participants is this is a vital service over summer.

Denis’s story –

Denis is a regular at our community lunch.  He loves to do beautiful carvings and is often seen with his carved wooden cane. He is a senior on a small budget.  When asked what the lunch program means to him – he says, I could not survive the month without this lunch. I would go hungry by the end of the month.

Meals on Wheels Program 3rd delivery route - appeal goal $24,310

We have two, delivery routes that serve 25 people daily for a total of 500 hot meals in a month.  The sad reality is that the demand for our Meals on Wheels program is mounting. The local Community Clinic has identified that there is a waiting ist of over 200 people in this community. We are answering this need with the creation of a 3rd delivery route that will feed 200 extra monthly delivered meals.

George’s Story

George has poor health and has been in and out of the hospital. After his recent hospital stay in August, he was released but came home to an apartment with no food.  It was a Friday night, and George could not physically go out to get food as he has mobility issues and was very sick. George has limited finances and the local grocery store is premium priced and while they do offer delivery, it also comes with a high, price tag. George was facing a weekend without food.  He contacted us to speak to the coordinator of the Meals on Wheels program, Patrick, who by chance was working late.  Fortunately, Patrick was able to provide enough food with the help of Aysha, our Community Lunch Coordinator, for George to get through the weekend.

Ruth’s Story

Ruth has been receiving the lunch through the Meals on Wheels program as a means to supplement her income that is tight as she is a senior. As Ruth is blind and has mobility issues, she is often at home.  Even though she has a neighbor upstairs who she can rely upon, she feels alone and forgotten as people go about their busy lives.  This is how Ruth describes her visits daily with someone from Saint Columba House bringing her at hot lunch - When you are here, I feel alive.

Please help today and make your gift right now.

This holiday season give a gift that is life changing – food for those who live in Montreal and are faced daily with mounting food insecurity. The people who come here daily are relying on us. The people on our waiting lists for Meals on Wheels are counting on all of us to help. This Holiday season, let us end hunger and food insecurity here closer to home.  

Let us know that we can count on you – those hungry in our community can count on you. Say yes today! Every amount helps to reach the goal of $50,560.

P.S. Please make your holiday donation and be a part of the change in ending hunger. Donating? Will your employer match your donation? Check with your company to see if they are one of many Canadian organizations that will match your gift.  It’s like doubling your donations for free!


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