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Chantal-Beauvais Bursary


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Chantal-Beauvais Bursary

The Chantal-Beauvais Bursary stands as a tribute to the unwavering dedication and visionary leadership of Dr. Chantal Beauvais, who served as our esteemed rector for over 14 years at the University Saint-Paul. This bursary embodies Madame Beauvais' commitment to fostering educational opportunities and cultural diversity within our university community.

Designed to support Indigenous students, the bursary aims to provide vital financial assistance to empower and encourage their pursuit of higher education. By honoring Madame Beauvais' legacy, this initiative seeks to create a lasting impact by offering meaningful resources to Indigenous students, promoting inclusivity, and celebrating diversity within our academic environment.

The bursary endeavors to uphold Madame Beauvais' spirit of advocacy, ensuring that her tireless efforts in advancing education and supporting underrepresented communities continue to resonate positively within our university for years to come.