Salal Foundation


Business Number: 898470513RR0001

Salal Foundation is a registered Canadian charity based in Victoria, British Columbia. Through our projects we investigate best practices for the use of Canada’s water, land and marine resources and the impact of such use upon economic and social policies. We maximize the effectiveness of our work by supporting organizations and leaders advancing innovative strategic solutions.

We seek to deepen the impact of our philanthropy by:

  • Building strong relationships with change makers;
  • Advancing the public’s understanding of complex issues, particularly about the extraction, transport, storage and use of toxic substances;
  • Addressing root causes;
  • Learning and adapting as an organization;
  • Working with strategic intent; and
  • Leveraging our impact.

Our Approach

  • Respect and acknowledge the contributions of others;
  • Attack root causes, promote social justice;
  • Support Innovation;
  • Learn from both success and failure;
  • Be authentic.

The Salal Foundation is a volunteer-led organization; we have no full-time staff or dedicated program officers.


Salal’s Board establishes priorities each year. Salal does accept unsolicited proposals for projects that address our priorities but they are seldom funded. Most of our resources are directed to funding our own projects aligned with our annual priorities.

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