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Our Mission

The Salt Spring Island Conservancy is a non-profit organization, established in 1995. Our purpose is to conserve and enhance natural values on Salt Spring Island and its surrounding waters. To date, we have helped buy or protect over 3900 acres on Salt Spring Island.

Our work is critical because the Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystem covering Salt Spring Island is the rarest in British Columbia. It only occurs in the inner South Coast region, where rapid population growth continues to encroach on natural habitat. Only 2% of this ecosystem is protected by parks and nature reserves. Over 90 species of rare or endangered plants and animals have been found so far on Salt Spring. With the island population increasing, our efforts to protect and restore natural habitat are more urgent than ever.

We accomplish our objectives through public education, by working with landowners to place conservation covenants on their land and by acquiring land for permanent protection as nature reserves. We also work closely with other conservation groups to acquire and protect land. Our award-winning Stewards-in-Training schools program provides yearly hands-on nature education for over 700 Salt Spring students in grades K to 8 every year.

Through our Habitat Stewardship program we work personally with hundreds of interested landowners each year to help them manage the sensitive ecosystems and wildlife habitat on their own land.


We hold 17 conservation covenants, comprising 798 acres. We were the first conservancy in BC eligible to hold conservation covenants and the first to preserve a watershed with a covenant. We now hold covenants on two important watersheds that supply drinking water to island residents: Maxwell Lake and St. Mary Lake.

We own 8 nature reserves, totaling 756 acres. Since 1995, the SSI Conservancy has organized or contributed to successful public campaigns to protect the Mill Farm, Ford Lake, Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park, and Mt. Erskine Provincial Park (some of these are now owned or managed by other agencies).

1% for Salt Spring Wild Places - this program supports the maintenance of our existing nature reserves and helps us acquire more ecologically valuable land on Salt Spring Island.

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