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Our Mission

Supporting programs and initiatives that benefit people with disabilities by helping people to be more active, independent and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Established by Sam Sullivan, who went on to become the first tetraplegic mayor of a major city (Vancouver) and Member of the Order of Canada, the Disability Foundation's six affiliated societies are: BC Mobility Opportunities Society, ConnecTra Society, Disabled Independent Gardeners Association, Disabled Sailing Association of BC, Tetra Society of North America and Vancouver Adapted Music Society.

About Our Charity

After a skiing accident left him tetraplegic in 1979, Sam Sullivan decided to reach out to other people with disabilities to help them live more active, healthier lives. Sam believed barriers preventing or limiting participation in society by people with disabilities could be surmounted through action and effort on the part of the individual, with the support of their able-bodied counterparts. Sam's willpower and entrepreneurship brought into reality several of the objectives he originally set out to achieve. With determination, energy, ingenuity and sheer effort, he launched six non-profit societies, all representing the ideal of promoting full citizenship in the community. The activities and programs these societies offer help improve the lives of people with disabilities not only in Vancouver and B.C. but also across North America and around the world.

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