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Samaritan's Purse is a nondenominational Christian organization that provides spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.

Samaritan's Purse Canada


Samaritan's Purse is a Christian relief and development organization that takes its name from Jesus Christ's story in the Bible of the Good Samaritan. In Luke 10, Jesus tells of a man from Samaria who finds a Jewish man and beats on the side of the road, in desperate need of help. 

Although the Jewish man was a complete stranger, the Samaritan bandages him, carries him to a local inn, spends a night caring for him, and then takes him to the rest of the world. The Samaritan also wants to come back and pay the price for more, if that is what is needed to restore the Jewish world to full health. 

Like that Good Samaritan, Samaritan's Purse provides for hurting people - victims of war, disease, disaster, poverty, famine, and persecution. We do it regardless of their religious faith, race, gender, or socio-economic standing. We usually partner with local churches, just like the Good Samaritan partnered with the innkeeper. And we continue to nurture that partnership, and monitor the effectiveness of our work, just as the Samaritan arranged with the innkeeper.

Samaritan's Purse has been doing essential relief and development work in Jesus' Name all around the world since 1970.

Our Emergency Disaster Relief programs provide urgently needed assistance with food, water, and temporary shelter. We are here to help you in your life here and in Canada.

Through Community Development and Vocational Programs, we help people break the cycle of poverty and exploitation—giving them hope for a better tomorrow. Through education, shelter, and long-term care projects, we provide help and joy to vulnerable children.

We also reach out to children through our annual Operation Christmas Child program that collects gift-filled shoeboxes from caring donors and distributes them to struggling kids in the developing world. The program has brought joy—and a powerful message of hope—to more than 103 million children so far.

Through our Medical Projects, we provide quality health care in the name of the Great Physician (a description often used for Jesus). We also send medical and dental personnel to help in countries worldwide. And through our Teams program, we give servant-minded Canadians the opportunity to work alongside Samaritan's Purse on a Mission, Relief or Youth Team.

Through our Water Projects, we are providing life-saving clean water and essential health and hygiene training to hundreds of thousands of people in the developing world.

All of this much-needed effort enables us to be modern-day Good Samaritans—and often earns us opportunities to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to share our faith in Jesus. We hope you will join us in this exciting work.




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