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Conservation Learning Centre


The Saskatchewan Conservation Learning Centre Inc. (CLC) is a producer-driven, non-profit corporation with formal status as a registered charity. The CLC was established in 1993 under the Parkland Agricultural Research Initiative, a component of the Green Plan and now belongs to the AgriARM network of Research Farms. The CLC demonstrates soil and water conservation technology on a farm scale. It also serves as a field laboratory for the evaluation and applicability of new research and technology.

The CLC is unique as a research and demonstration facility because it features rolling topography, wetlands, and remnant native upland areas rather than most research facilities’ very uniform landscapes. Because of the variable topography and emphasis on field-scale activities, many scientists from federal, provincial, university, and private research institutions undertake work at the Centre. The CLC also has continued strong support from multiple agencies and corporations that participate in demonstration and research activities on the farm.

The CLC is located on 457 acres of land 18 km south of Prince Albert in Saskatchewan’s Parkland Region. In addition to 250 acres of cultivated, annually cropped land, the CLC has areas dedicated to forage production, dense nesting cover, shelterbelts, a shelterbelt garden, a woodlot, riparian areas,  fruit and vegetable trials, biomass plantations, herbs and a nature trail. Each year, the CLC has an interesting mix of long- and short-term projects that highlight soil and water conservation and showcase new agricultural technologies.

The CLC hosts annual tours for local, regional, provincial, national and international producers, researchers, industry representatives and extension personnel. An annual summary of projects is published, detailing the progress or results of projects.

The CLC offers a well-developed school program for students and provides quality learning experiences through hands-on activities at the farm. The school program corresponds with the provincial science curricula and encompasses agricultural, environmental, conservation and wildlife topics. Since its inception in 1994, over 30,000 youth have participated in the CLC’s school program.

We are also an agricultural plastics recycling drop off location. Rolled grain bags can be dropped off to be recycled into new products. We have a grain bag roller that is free to use. We also accept twine and silage/bale plastic wrap.

New for 2023 we are opening up a Community Cold Frame. A cold frame is like an unheated greenhouse and can extend growing seasons in more northern climates. In 2023 community members will be able to manage a plot similar to a regular community garden, but in a greenhouse!

Thank you so much for consideration of supporting our charity. All of our programs are offered for free and every little bit helps ensure we can continue to be a long standing part of our community.




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