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Community Fund for Reconciliation

Campaign Ends Nov. 30, 2021


With the support and commitment of leaders in our community like yourself, the message and hope for reconciliation comes alive, helping to make Saskatoon the best community in which to live. 

Reconciliation cannot be done by one person.  It will take a community coming together to share, learn, educate, and support each other towards positive relationships and shared opportunities.  The Community Fund for Reconciliation provides an opportunity for one persons impact to be combined with others in the community to create and large lasting impact.

As a contributor to the Community Fund for Reconciliation you will be recognized in the year that you contribute, if you choose.  Increase your donation or build your cumulative donations to $5,000.00 or more and you will have the opportunity to create Named Fund, ensuring that your commitment and legacy for Reconciliation lives on forever.  With a Named Fund you will be able to choose the Name of the fund eg. The Dumont Fund, Dumont Family Fund, Darrel Dumont Fund for Reconciliation, etc.

All funds raised for the Community Fund for Reconciliation will be placed in an endowed fund. This endowed fund will give forever, all money raised will be invested and interest earned from the investment will be used to provide funding to organizations who are focused on Reconciliation and building improved relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.  A donation of $5,000.00 will generate $8,750.00 in grants for the community over 50 years and will continue to give back forever.

Thanks to your support, the Community Fund for Reconciliation will be able to provide grants in perpetuity to support improved relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Saskatoon, ensuring that your commitment to reconciliation translates into action and lasting change.

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