Saskatoon Police Service Foundation

Registered Name: Saskatoon Police Service Foundation Incorporated

Business Number: 803260967RR0001

The Saskatoon Police Service Foundation is an incorporated, charitable, community-led foundation. We are dedicated to supporting our Saskatoon emergency services in enhancing community safety. Our goal is to create greater community awareness of the contributions of the police and emergency services to the quality of life in Saskatoon through our support of crime prevention and community policing initiatives as well as enhanced resources for the community’s emergency personnel.

What People Are Saying

"All of us benefit from supporting our police officers and emergency personnel in their efforts to identify and address the root causes of crime and protect our community. Our strength as a community lies in working together for the good of all."

— Vera Pezer, Chair, Saskatoon Police Service Foundation

"We’re grateful for this generous support. In order for us to do our job in the ‘hot zone’ during a mass casualty incident, our paramedics need to have the equipment that will help us help others."

— Chief Morgan Hackl, Saskatoon Fire Department

"We were thrilled when the Saskatoon Police Service Foundation agreed to help us get Project Lifesaver started in Saskatoon. Because of this support we are able to provide peace of mind to many families who know their loved one has protection and safety if they wander."

— Vance Lester, Director, Saskatoon Search and Rescue

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