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Support Blackstrap Youth Camp

The original mission of the camp was to ”plan, contribute and maintain an educational, cultural, social and recreational facility for young persons regardless of race, colour, creed, or economic or social position. To establish training facilities and training programs to develop citizenship and leadership qualities in young persons. To stimulate in young persons an idealism following Judeo-Christian philosophy and morality. To cooperate with all agencies, governments, or departments throughout any level, groups, clubs or organizations with similar objects or purposes.”

This upcoming year we recognize that we need to fund the replacement of shingles on the church roof so that we do not experience water damage in the church. The ventilation system in the kitchen requires upgrading as do the screen doors in the mess hall. These are ongoing maintenance projects that we have listed but we certainly could envision longer-term renovations that might include the development of a grey-water system and renovations of the kitchen/mess hall. The Camp remains the property and responsibility of all Knights of Columbus in Saskatoon. We are challenging all Saskatoon Councils to make Blackstrap Youth Camp the main beneficiary of your charitable works. We are again appealing to each of you for financial assistance to ensure the future success of the Camp and youth programs offered.