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Ocumel Canada

Ocumel Canada, an initiative of Save Your Skin Foundation, was formed in 2019 to increase awareness, advance treatment options, and build a supportive community for those diagnosed with primary and/or metastatic ocular melanoma (OM), also known as uveal melanoma, or eye cancer. Ocumel Canada is in close collaboration with a global Medical Advisory Board and partner patient representation organizations with the endeavour to build on international best practices to improve patient outcomes for Canadians touched by this disease. Additionally, we have partnered with OM patient support groups around the world, such as Cure OM (an initiative of the Melanoma Research Foundation, United States), Ocumel Ireland, Ocumel UK, and Australia.

We are inspired by the work being done by these groups, and by the feedback we receive from patients who need better support in their diagnoses of primary and/or metastatic ocular melanoma, to work toward better and more standardized care in all provinces in Canada. We have identified gaps in OM patient care which can vary from centre to centre, and we recognize the need to advocate for patients to receive treatment for their disease, especially when it is metastatic.

In order to continue this work and raise awareness for this rare disease and the patients who need support to handle it, we have created a dedicated initiative called Ocumel Canada, which will serve as our platform for increasing education and community around the topic.  To learn more please visit us at

We envision a future when ocular melanoma will be a treatable and manageable disease and where patients in Canada can easily find support and courage after diagnosis.