SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art


Business Number: 857201412RR0001


SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art is a non-profit exhibition centre and public gallery in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, dedicated to providing a forum for artists, curators and cultural practitioners for projects that critically engage diverse publics with current issues in art, culture and society.

Our collaborative approach to cultural production runs through SBC’s distinct programme of exhibitions, events, research, public outreach activities and publications. We embrace different ways of making - making objects, making relations, making politics, making publics - to build relationships between practitioners, publics and institutions in order to foster a diverse and complex community.



To support and promote the production and presentation of artwork and new lines of critical investigation by emerging, mid-career and established artists and curators.

To provide a forum for working through matters of concern at the intersection of art and politics, supporting creative and political risk-taking over the mid- and long-terms, as well as facilitating timely responses to urgent cultural and socio-political issues.

To support a diverse community of cultural practitioners, activists and people whose work towards advancing social justice is the binding agent.

To actively encourage the coming together of diverse publics by providing the context in which creative action forms the cornerstone and in which all voices can be heard.

To promote institutional self-reflexivity and to make public, visible and accessible all institutional processes.

To play an active role in sustaining critical partnerships within cultural communities in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, as well as across the country and beyond.

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