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Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

Registered Name: Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

Business Number: 130364276RR0001

Healthy Scarborough

Campaign Ended July 1, 2018

Did you know that more than 1700 families access the SCHC Food Bank annually?  Our Food Bank is located in the Kingston-Galloway Orton Park neighbourhood, which is one of the most impoverished areas in Scarborough.  57.8% of this community are visible minorities and 28% of families are lone female parents.  39.8% of Children under 6 are in the low income measure (after tax) bracket. Poverty, cultural differences, language, housing and other barriers contribute to low health indicators for this neighbourhood.  Our Food truck picks up and delivers food twice a week from at least 3 different sources.  That’s 104 trips every year to bring basic daily nutrition to those families.

The commercial truck used for the Food Bank needs replacing immediately.  It is costing us over $5,000 per year in maintenance fees and has lived well past its life with over $280,000 miles on its clock.  We desperately need a newer truck because parts aren’t accessible for the older models and breakdowns are seriously affecting our ability to deliver on our promise to feed the hungry.  At an investment of $90,000 for a new truck, or even $60,000 for a good used vehicle, SCHC needs your donation to help meet this fundraising goal.  Although we’re hoping to get funds through a grant or the Ministry sources, it will not be enough.  Raising $15,000 will greatly support our grant requests and help make a new truck a reality for the busy holiday season.



Although compelling, the numbers don’t mean much to the ….family.  They have to choose between paying the hydro bill and buying food on a regular basis.  On average, 70% of their income goes to paying rent. 


You can help make a difference in their lives and many others with a donation of ANY amount.  To make it as simple as possible, we’ve enclosed a form so that you can make regular withdrawals each pay period.  Donating $10 each pay is less than buying yourself a cup of coffee daily but will add up to a significant gift to the cause.  Our goal is to have 35% participation on our first staff appeal, so please join us in helping SCHC deliver on our promises to nourish the less fortunate in our community.

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