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An intensive early intervention preschool program, for children with complex needs, offers guidance and support for their parents/caregivers



SCEP stands for Socialization, Communication and Education Program.  For the past 53 years, SCEP CENTRE has provided therapeutic early intervention for children between the ages of 2-5 who have severe communication and behaviour problems.  Many of the children referred to SCEP have been expelled or are unable to function in regular childcare centres, early learning centres and/or pre-kindergarten or kindergarten programs.  Some of the enrolled children have been diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, global developmental delay or autism spectrum disorder.  Others present with severe communication and behavioural challenges related to environmental factors such as poverty, domestic violence, intergenerational trauma and family stress.  SCEP CENTRE fosters the development of social-emotional health, healthy interpersonal relationships as well as pre-academic and social skill development, enabling the children to heal and be integrated back into mainstream programs when ready.  SCEP also provides support to the parents and caregivers of our enrolled children.  All of the services that SCEP CENTRE provides are offered in a trauma-responsive environment.


Children's Program

SCEP CENTRE's core program runs from September to June of each year and provides therapeutic half-day group sessions for pre-schoolers.  Services also include speech and language pathology and music therapy.  Children typically attend 3 to 5 half days a week.  SCEP has a professional interdisciplinary team of staff and the program maintains a low staff to child ratio.  

Ancillary Services

Coming Together Growing Together 

Coming Together Growing Together is a collaborative project between Eagle Heart Centre and SCEP CENTRE - Early Intervention and Training Services. The service is both home and centre based and aimed at children less than 6 years of age.  The program has a special focus on improving the communication and relationship between parent and child and helping the parents more effectively manage their child's behavior. Families must be involved with child protection services to participate.

Summer Friends Program

SCEP's Summer Friends is a program offered during July and August to children currently enrolled at SCEP CENTRE. This program provides respite from the demands on families of caring for these often challenging children over the summer months.  It also provides some continuity in SCEP's therapeutic work over the summer.  The children enjoy and learn from the many cultural, recreational and educational activities offered. 

Childcare Centre Outreach

SCEP's Childcare Outreach Program offers support and training to child care centres in regard to specific children in their care who have communication or behaviour challenges.


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