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Mission Statement

SCEP CENTRE, an intensive early intervention preschool program, supports children with complex needs and offers guidance and support for their parents/caregivers






SCEP CENTRE Society (Regina) is a non-profit, charitable organization. Its core program, SCEP CENTRE Early Intervention and Training Services, provides therapeutic group sessions for pre-school children with problems in socialization and/or communication and offers guidance and support to their families.  Children are referred to SCEP CENTRE for a variety of reasons including the following:

  • seems intelligent but talks very poorly or not at all
  • does not have age appropriate communication skills
  • will not listen to parents or teachers
  • shows no affection
  • is unusually aggressive to other children and adults and may become a danger to self and others
  • cannot get along in preschool, daycare or kindergarten
  • is disorganized and constantly on the move
  • is exceptionally shy and clinging
  • has tantrums which control or disrupt the rest
  • is suffering from trauma or abuse 

 SCEP staff members are thoroughly trained in SCEP CENTRE's methods.  These methods are based on the philosophy that children should be helped to become mature citizens, that is, to act confidently, making well-informed decisions with due regard to their own needs and to the rights and needs of others.  This is to be achieved by an emphasis on reciprocal, honest communication between children and adults, and adult models of responsibility, dependability, planning, sincerity and affection.



The Core SCEP CENTRE Program

SCEP CENTRE's core program runs from September to June of each year and provides therapeutic half day group sessions for small groups of pre-schoolers.  Children typically attend 3 to 5 half days a week.  SCEP has a professional interdisciplinary team of staff and the program maintains a low staff to child ratio.  

Ancillary Services

Coming Together Growing Together 

 Coming Together Growing Together is a collaborative project between Aboriginal Family Service Centre (AFSC) and SCEP CENTRE Early Intervention and Training Services (SCEP). The service is both home and centre based and aimed at children less than 6 years of age.  The program has a special focus on improving the communication and relationship between parent and child and helping the parents more effectively manage their child's behavior. Families must be involved with child protection services to participate.

Summer Friends Program

 SCEP's Summer Friends is a program offered during July and August to children currently enrolled at SCEP CENTRE. This program provides respite from the demands on families of caring for these often challenging children over the summer months.  It also provides some continuity in SCEP's therapeutic work over the summer.  The children enjoy and learn from the many recreational and educational activities offered. 

Day Care Friends

 Offers support and training to child care centres in regard to specific children in their care who have socialization and communication problems.

What People Are Saying

"“I am working now and the program helped me get my life back on track.”"

— A SCEP parent/caregiver

"“I would rather see my son at SCEP than anywhere else.”"

— A SCEP parent/caregiver

"“(SCEP) has been a complete life line for me.” "

— A SCEP parent/caregiver

"“It’s a fabulous program that has made a world of difference in the lives of the children it serves. Our family is blessed with the help and support that SCEP has given us. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. May your doors never close. You are a valued service to our community. Thank you.”"

— A SCEP parent/caregiver

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