Registered Name: SCHOOLBOX INC.

Business Number: 838701324RR0001

Our Mission

SchoolBOX has the simple and ambitious mission of 'Making Eduation Possible' for all chilren in Nicaragua and the world.


SchoolBOX is a small organization that is totally dedicated to Making Education Possible. Our projects open doors and opportunities for those who need them most.

Through simple and cost effective initiatives - building schools & libraries and equipping children with basic school supplies - we are having an impact in Nicaragua. By providing international volunteer opportunities, SchoolBOX is having both an impact on Canadians and our Nicaraguan communities.

SchoolBOX serves children in Nicaragua by helping them learn how to read and write. SchoolBOX serves individuals in Canada by helping them to help others.

In 2017, SchoolBOX will implement its first library on the Wabauskang First Nations reserve in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. We are commited to equipping Indigenous youth leaders to empower their own communities through access to educational resources.

What People Are Saying

"The organization has now helped about 15,000 children to go to primary school, improved the quality of the education they receive, and at the same time encouraged them to stay in school."

— Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, Read More

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