SCIF Canada

Registered Name: SCI Canada Foundation

Business Number: 829646884RR0001


At the local, national, and even international level, Canadian SCI chapters have established programs for youth that promote conservation, the hunting heritage, shooting sports, and appreciation and respect for nature.

College Scholarships: SCIF Canada and Education/Sables Scholarships are available to students majoring in natural resource management or related fields.

The American Wilderness Leadership Schools in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a college level course in conservation education for teachers and other educators interested in learning how they can teach conservation to their students. SCI Canadian chapter have sent endless teachers through this program to bring the message of conservation back to our Canadian students. These are the wildlife managers of tomorrow.


Whether you consider yourself a passionate conservationist or a supporter of all things wild, it is critical that every one of us continues to support conservation programs. SCIF Canada is able to make the most out of the contributions you’re able to give and accomplish all the goals that are important to sports men and women everywhere. We strive to preserve game and non-game species and wet and dry habitats as part of our responsibility to the land, in concert with conditions accepted on a local and global scale. We are the only Canada wide leaders in supporting conservation projects and wildlife research both Provincially, Federally and throughout the world.


SCIF Canada bring hunting dreams to reality to the disabled and terminally ill, provides humanitarian relief efforts by providing medical help to communities in need. Numerous animal mounts, pelts, horns and antlers, combined with narration and sound, provide an introduction to wildlife to thousands of Canadian students every year. SCIF Canada and the Canadian Chapters promote courage and dignity while enabling the disabled to enjoy hunts locally. Thousands of meals are served to Canada’s hungry every year through generous donations of meat from nature’s resources.

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