Science Fundamentals

Registered Name: Science FUNdamentals Foundation of Alberta

Business Number: 815251798RR0001

Science FUNdamentals is a registered charity in and student group at the University of Alberta. Our group mandate is providing accessible science education for all. 

Our mandate is accomplished by two programs: (1) our year-round classroom programming and (2) our annual science exhibition, Science FUNday.

Our year-round programming involves pairs of approximately 200 volunteers placed at 100 elementary classrooms across the city of Edmonton, where volunteers conduct interactive, hands-on, and safe science demonstrations to enhance the elementary science curriculum. Topics range from acids and bases, buoyancy, weather, bacteria and viruses, strawberry DNA, and much more.

Secondly, our science exhibition is an opportunity for classrooms to come to the University of Alberta and experience interactive science at a much larger scale. With a total of over 75 different activities for families, we feature larger demonstrations that cover topics beyond the normal elementary curriculum such as astronomy, paleontology, engineering, computer science, physics, zoology, and others. Additionally, we feature presentations from STEM professors, as well as organizations within the community. Previous presenters and guests have included the Edmonton Valley Zoo, Marine Life at WEM, Microsoft, Edmonton Humane Society, and Global News. Lastly, we offer tours to various laboratories to allow children to explore our Marine Biology Touch Tank, the CCIS Space Observatory, Paleontology Labs, and more. Our event attracts upwards of 2750 attendees yearly. 

Donations from generous individuals and organizations allow our organization to continue providing accessible science education for elementary students across Edmonton. We are currently in the process of developing a National Expansion Strategy in order to offer our programming to different cities across Canada. We hope to continue inspiring elementary students to develop a love for learning and discovery for years to come.  

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