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Knee-d Your Help: Let’s Heal Chala Together!

Registered Name: Sea Paws Rescue Ltd.

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Knee-d Your Help: Let’s Heal Chala Together!

Meet Miss Chala, a beloved member of our SPR foster care program who has been looking for her furever home over 440 days. Miss Chala recently suffered an injury to her back leg, and our veterinary team has diagnosed fractured or broken hock. The surgery and rehabilitation therapy are necessary for her to fully recover, and the cost of this care can range from $3,000 to $5,000.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to provide medical care for animals like Miss Chala and she needs your help to get back on her feet! Any donation, big or small, can make a difference in her life. With your support, we can ensure that Miss Chala receives the medical attention she deserves on her rehabilitation journey.

Your kindness and generosity are truly appreciated by the whole SPR Team and Miss Chala. Chala's Full Adoption Bio - READ HERE!UPDATE FROM VET MAY 22: After consulting with an orthopedic surgeon, it has been recommended that Chala undergo a joint tap procedure to gain further insights into her aching joint.During the joint tap, the surgeon will directly access the joint, drawing fluid out to examine for any signs of infection or abnormal cell activity. While the initial suspicion of a TPLO surgery has shifted, the current belief is that Chala’s discomfort may stem from an injured hock (ankle) in combination with arthritis.UPDATE FROM VETS:Musculoskeletal:LEFT Pelvic Limb-swelling on the hock noted and moderate soreness and crepitus on ROMStifle has no draw or tibial thrust or pain on ROMsome laxitey on of the Patella but no luxation noted.decreased muscle mass notedgrade 2/5 lame. Would like to rule LEFT HOCK injury as this seems to be the problem today not TPOL will try to do radiographs today but recommend sedated rads at reg vet, Left and Right lateral and VD of hocks stifles and hips.Recommend sending to radiologist as well.