Business Number: 133865477RR0001

COVID-19 Food Support Response Fund

In this time of crisis, Second Harvest is an emergency service providing fresh perishable food to front-line hunger relief organizations across Canada. We focus on healthy food like produce, dairy, and proteins, the foods that are hardest to access for low-income people. The food we provide is used in shelters, faith-based organizations, food banks, community organizations and other programs that support over 500,000 of our most vulnerable and marginalized populations, including families, children, youth and seniors.

Because of the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the programs we support are under increasing stress, and the need for food is increasing as a result. Our fleet of 11 trucks continue to be on the road, delivering enough food for 43,000 meals a day. Please help us keep our trucks on the road.

About Us: Second Harvest is the largest food rescue organization in Canada. Since 1985, we have been working across the supply chain from farm to retail to capture surplus food before it ends up in landfill and negatively impacts our environment. Last year, we recovered more than 15 million pounds of nutritious food before it became waste and redistributed it to a broad network of more than 1,000 social service organizations. We rescue and redistribute enough food to provide over 43,000 meals a day in Canada.