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Our Purpose:                                                        

To provide written material and lesson plans for both children and adults which explains salvation and how to live victoriously.

Our Goal:

To reach one million children!

Who we are.

In 1998 Keith Parks designed and wrote a series of books for adults called "Seeds". This series was designed to help new believers understand the gospel and what had occurred when they came to the Lord. Between 1998 and 2000, Heather Card wrote a course for children, based on the Seeds course. This book is called Seedlings. The first part of these books teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while the second set of lessons are based on Peter 1: 7-11, with the concept that if a person continues to do these things, they will never fall.

In 2000, Seeds Publications International was formed with the goal providing these written materials to people around the world.

Seedlings is presently written in English and Spanish with plans to also produce a French, Romanian and Khmer version. The Seedlings course had been taught in Europe, Central America, Africa, Asia and Northern Canada. Rather than just being a Sunday School curriculum, Seeds attempts to get into the public schools and the course is taught to grade four students, as part of their regular classroom.

Presently, Seedlings is taught in about 600 classrooms around the world and reached 15,030 children in 2015. Since 2000, there have been 328,500 grade four children who have taken the Seedlings program, and over 750,000 that have seen our assembly programs. Some of these children have grown up and are teaching the program in their respective countries. Seeds is presently operating, or has operated, in 13 countries and have sent over 25 teams.

Beside providing the materials, Seeds also sends short term missionary teams into the countries. Part of the team are teachers who will train the teachers who will actually teach the Seedling course.  Seeds has over 1000 trained teachers world wide.

$12.00 will train one child for a year. $30.00 will provide training for one classroom for a month. $360.00 will provide training for the classroom for the year, reaching thirty grade four children.

What People Are Saying

"Seeing the gospel shared in public schools is a blessing, and to be part of seeing children step out in faith is amazing"

— 2016 Barbados Team Member

"Seedlings is the best tool we have to see behavioural change in our children. Violence, drug use, promiscuity have diminished and kindness, good citizenship and a desire to be better have increased thanks to the Seedlings material"

— Minister of Education, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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