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Selkirk Christian Chapel

Registered Name: Selkirk Christian Chapel

Business No: 819418831RR0001

SCC is an independent non-denominational church that serves it's community. We want to grow everyone together in Christ

Selkirk Christian Chapel


Selkirk Christian Chapel is an independent non-denominational church. Our mission is to grow everyone together in Christ.  

We want to ConnectWe want to ensure everyone who comes to SCC is connected in a meaningful way to Christ and to Christian people. 

We want to LoveLove the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, strength and mind. And to love your neighbor as yourself. This means that we are required to demonstrate our love through actions of service. 

We want to Teach To create a relationship with Jesus Christ requires knowing Jesus Christ. Jesus told his disciples that they must "teach those that you tell about me to obey everything I have commanded." This means that a primary aspect of our mission is to teach people the word of God. To ensure we are actually growing in Christ, we will remain in the words of Christ. We partner with missions both in our community and around the world.  We partner with our local food bank, pregnancy care center, housing and sheltering services, family counseling services and many more. Globally we partner with missionaries who bring the word of God to people in places like India, New Guinea, Poland, Haiti, The Phillipines and many others. We also support missions that bring food, water and resources to areas in need.  We are located in Selkirk, Ontario.  Our church has been serving our community since 1898! 


20 Erie St N


Selkirk, ON, N0A 1P0

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