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Help Widows of Farm Distress in Maharashtra


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Help Widows of Farm Distress in Maharashtra


In the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra province in India, 5,295 farmers have committed suicide, since 2001. Each year 250 to 300 suicides by farmers are recorded here. Cotton is the main crop and its prices are vulnerable to international trends. Efforts by various agencies to address the factors which lead to agriculture distress, principle cause of suicide, are underway over the years.

However, the trend is continuing without perceptible reduction in number of suicides every year. The family of the deceased farmer suffers the trauma of loss of the main bread winner of the family and faces may difficulties in managing affairs of the family. Widow of the deceased farmer has toface several challenges in sustaining her family, children and dependent in-laws in many cases.

Compensation provided by the State Government is exhausted in meeting the liabilities andexpenditure related to the last rites. Many families are not eligible for assistance due to their inabilityto meet the conditions like land is not in the name of deceased farmer which in many cases is in thename of his father or in the name of a lessor in case of share cropper, or not being a borrower of loanform bank. Banks do not entertain these women due to lack of credit history, entreprenual skills,inexperience and inability to provide collateral. As a result, widow of the deceased farmer isvulnerable to exploitation of various kinds. The family suffers severe distress.


Sewa Canada International is partnering with a registered local charity Deendayal Seva Pratishthan (DSP) in the area to reach out and help more widows with sustainable livelihood opportunities.

DSP has a proven track record and has already provided financial assistance to 283 widows for sustainable livelihood activities. The livelihood activities provided by DSP so far have included goat units, dairy animals, small business, flour mill, tailoring units, food processing etc. More than 85% of the units are running well and providing monthly income of INR 8,000 to 10,000 to the families.

DSP provides planning of the activity, providing skills, training and guiding the women in procuring of assets, market information, technical guidance and moral support. Continuous monitoring of the units by DSP ensures high success rate compared to those financed by banks under various subsidy programs.

Sewa Canada proposes to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for an additional 80 families.

  1. Goat Farming Units @ CAD $800 per unit (6 Goats)
  2. Dairy Animal Units @ CAD $800 per unit
  3. Small Business Units @ CAD $650 per unit
  4. Tailoring units @ CAD $325 per unit.
  5. Flour Mill Unit @ CAD $1,300 per unit.
  6. Food Processing Unit @ CAD $500 per unit

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100% of your generous donations will be transferred to the work on the ground via our partner organization, to fund the above activities. All donors will be provided with reports and updates regularly on the progress of the recipients.