Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE)


Business Number: 107971772RR0001

Our Mission

The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) exists to support people impacted by sexual violence and engage communities to promote respect and uphold a culture of consent.

What We Do

We’re here for all people who have experienced sexual assault. People of any age, gender, sexual orientation, and background can access our services without judgment. Their loved ones need us too—we help them feel confident in the support they’re providing. And when the public is grappling with issues related to sexual assault, SACE is there to educate our community and provide a professional perspective.

To do this, our mandate at SACE is to provide an extensive range of support services for people who experience sexual violence, including crisis support, counselling, court support, and advocacy, and foster prevention of sexual violence through direct public education and advisory consultation with groups and agencies undertaking their own prevention efforts.

What People Are Saying

"It's the first time in my life I can remember feeling safe. Even now, when I'm having a hard time sometimes I just drive by SACE or sit in the parking lot to feel some safety in my day."

— Former SACE Counselling Client

"I think I am finally ready to stop and move on with my life! I would like to thank you for helping me get here and always being my support throughout these past 2 years. I am forever grateful for you, as you have helped me get out of the very dark place. You truly change lives!"

— Former SACE Counselling Client

"My sister is 16 and I want to teach her what I learned and explain that she deserves better than to be treated that way."

— Former SACE Public Education Participant

"I learned that coping with flashbacks and healing is a journey and not a destination."

— Former SACE INDIGO Participant

"You made me feel really safe in the discussion. Usually I get really uncomfortable with these things. Thank you!"

— Former SACE Public Education Participant

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