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Susan Croll Education Fund


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Susan Croll Education Fund

This fund was established in memory of Susan Croll, a dedicated Board Member who brought her passion for education and concern for vulnerable people. In honouring her wishes, Lookout established the Susan Croll Education Fund to support vital skill building and educational opportunities for our guests. 


How are homelessness and low levels of education related? Low education and lack of skills lead to increased risks of homelessness due to unemployment, underemployment, and poverty. Studies show that 2 out of 3 homeless youth in Canada have not completed high school, twice as many as the national average. When struggling to find shelter and food, learning is not a priority and most opportunities are inaccessible.

What will the fund do? The Susan Croll Education Fund will empower individuals towards greater independence and improved wellness by offering minimum-barrier, trauma-informed learning opportunities that include:

1) core or basic skills (numeracy, literacy and computer)

2) independent living skills (budgeting, keeping appointments, housekeeping)

3) social and interpersonal skills (conflict management, developing social networks)

4) health literacy (fitness, wellness)

5) pre-employment skills training (FoodSafe, First Aid)