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Ruff Times Fundraising Campaign

Campaign Ends May 29, 2020

For the month of May, we will be raising money to support the artists of As You Like It.  Every dollar you donate will go into their pockets.

In this time of uncertainty, we’re certain of one thing: we are lucky to work with some of the biggest hearts we know. For the last seven months, we’ve had a growing team of artists (now 21 artists in total) working to build Jeff Ho’s adaptation of As You Like It, directed by Eva Barrie. As You Like It, and especially Jeff’s As You Like It, is a play that is perfect for these times.

We’ll give you a little teaser…Rosalind (our hero) is banished from the land and life she’s known. The rug is ripped out from under her. She doesn’t know what’s ahead of her (sound familiar?). As she sits paralyzed with fear, believing she must bear this pain alone, her best friend Celia (another hero) says:“Do not seek to take your charge upon you,To bear your griefs yourself and leave me out.”

Like all of us, these two friends have no idea what’s ahead of them. But they do know, that regardless of what’s to come, they have each other. Regardless of the fear and pain, they stick together. That’s what makes As You Like It a radical love story.

We don’t know if we can perform for our community between the trees this summer, but we do know that we are immensely grateful for the people who have been working to make this project come to life. In these tumultuous times, we’ve committed ourselves to supporting and showcasing these artists. 

Before we let you go, here’s one last thing…

After our heroes take their leap of faith, they land in the Forest of Arden. Arden is a place of joy, hope, silliness and radical love. People laugh together. People hug each other. People feast together. People care for each other. 

Arden isn’t fictitious. It’s what’s possible. We can’t wait to be in Arden with all of you. 

Warmly, Eva Barrie, Kaitlyn Riordan, Desirée Leverenz

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