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The Shakespearience Summer Experience Twentieth Anniversary Edition


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The Shakespearience Summer Experience Twentieth Anniversary Edition


The Shakespearience Summer Experience is a popular, critically acclaimed program for under-resourced youth that has been running since 2005 which, like all of Shakespearience's operations, is designed to empower kid with character, confidence, communication and other soft skills that will serve them well in every area of their lives. In the interests of equity and fairness, all of Shakespearience's programs are offered at no cost to participants thanks to the support of our corporated, foundation and individual donors. 


Twenty participants rehearse scenes from Shakespeare’s plays tied together by a theme. Recent themes that have been explored have included overcoming challenges, families and tyrants. 

Participants gather on weekdays during the month of July from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM for an in-depth look at how to bring their characters and the rich language of Shakespeare’s plays to life. Visits by workshop leaders in voice, movement, improvisation and mask help participants flesh out and more effectively play their parts.  In addition to the resident director, who is not only a certified teacher but a trained, experienced, professional actor, other actors come by the set to serve as text coaches.

The rehearsal process culminates in a performance for family and friends at a professional theatre. 


Shakespearience is a gift, opportunity, and/or potential life changer. I cannot adequately stress the amount of fun I’ve had and learning I’ve done in just 25 days. Shakespearience reinforces powerful values and habits such as responsibility, punctuality, awareness for others as well as yourself, attention to detail and a countless amount more. The relationships I’ve built, the lessons I’ve learned and the interest for Shakespeare that has been genuinely sparked is what makes this program invaluable. Thank you. Viva Shakespearience Performing Arts!


I believe that this program is a fantastic way for kids to learn so much more about tools used to succeed in just about anything. This program was an invaluable experience that will help me through much more than just acting but life itself.


I, Celes Emmerson, hereby declare that Shakespearience is literally the greatest thing in my life.