Shanti Life Canada

Registered Name: Shanti Life Canada

Business Number: 827701038RR0001

We work with the poor in Indian villages and slums to help create sustainable living through microfinance. We focus on sanitation and the creation of small businesses.

  • We aim to promote sustainable living and NON- dependence on the microfinance loan cycle. We want people to graduate out of microfinance and become bankable – this is a true measure of our joint success.
  • Through planning, consultation, training, mentoring, larger loans and go to market opportunities we provide a holistic approach.
  • Our loans are larger generally $100 plus and our interests are capped at 12% though are sometimes as low as 7%.
  • We provide funds to men and women of all religions and castes.
  • We don’t make loans to clients (that word isn’t in our vocabulary) rather each person we work with becomes a partner or beneficiary – we know them
  • We work in communities where we know there is a group support and desire to improve living standards
  • We don’t want to make millions of loans rather we want to make a deep impact in the lives of those who can become role models for others.
  • Pay it Forward – each person who is successful in their activities will repay their loans which will be recycled to others in the community

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