Sheena's Place


Business Number: 898788948RR0001

Our Mission

At Sheena’s Place we offer hope and support to individuals, families and friends affected by eating disorders by providing a wide range of professionally facilitated support groups and services. We are committed to inspiring hope, reducing stigma, raising awareness and offering meaningful help and information at all stages of recovery.

Founded in 1996, Sheena’s Place serves as a link between hospital based programs, schools, community agencies, physicians, therapists, families and individuals with eating disorders.

About Our Charity

Sheena’s Place is a one of kind facility located in downtown Toronto, filling an unique niche in the health care system. We are a non-residential centre where people with similar issues and concerns come together in groups to share experiences, thoughts, feelings, and coping strategies.

We offer programs for young adults, mothers, men, women over forty and families, friends and partners of those with eating disorders, among many others. We do not receive any government funding and rely solely on donations to provide programs and services free of cost. 

Individuals can access Sheena’s support groups within 72 hours of first contact and do not require a referral or diagnosis to attend. Since inception, all Sheena’s programs and services are offered free of charge.

What People Are Saying

" I am so thankful for Sheena's Place. So fortunate and blessed that such an organization exists to help adults like me get through some of the most scary and challenging times in my life."

— Client of Sheena's Place

"I know that Sheena’s Place will continue to be there for me as a soft place for me to land, and for others like me, who need support."

— Client of Sheena's Place

"Sheena’s Place helped me to stay alive, giving me hope and strength. "

— Client of Sheena's Place

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