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Friends of Shelldale Monthly Giving Campaign

Greetings Friends of Shelldale! 

I would like to thank everyone who stepped up and donated during the Canada Gives Challenge! We were so fortunate to receive close to $4,000, and that is amazing and wonderful. We here at Shelldale Family Gateway are ever so grateful for your generosity. 

We are now in the process of ramping up our “Friends of Shelldale Monthly Giving Campaign”.   In order to make our child and youth programs (including Breakfast Club, After-School Fun and our Teen program) more successful and in keeping with the Public Health safety guidelines for COVID-19, we have set a goal of $400 in monthly donations. This may or may not sound like a little or a lot, but it will make the world of difference to our programs and the over 500 children and youth that will benefit throughout the course of the year.  Due to the financial fall-out of COVID-19, we have experienced a dramatic drop in our normal funding as well as our donations, and now we are trying our best to make up for some of those losses. 

As Executive Director, I have recently taken a pay-cut to help keep our programs running. We have had to lay off staff and cut back on the number of children we are able to serve, but we are confident that we can still make the programs happen! All we need is a little bit of help from some truly kind people. 

Over the course of our yearly programs, this $400 per month will help purchase food for Breakfast Club and After-School nutrition breaks. Even snacks for the always hungry teens! $400 per month will also help provide supplies for our Girls’ Art Club where grade 6 girls can talk about issues important to them in a safe and creative environment. For our Teen Leadership Program – where teens are mentored and coached into being the amazing community leaders, we know they can be – and we know this neighbourhood needs – it will go a long way in making this happen! 

It will only take 20 kind donors to contribute $20 per month to meet our goal and make the child and youth programs a stunning success! 

Will you be one of those people that can help us out?  Will you be part of the Friends of Shelldale Monthly Giving?  If you think you can help us reach our goal go to and click on the monthly tab.  It is that simple. For businesses that are keen to participate, we will proudly display your name and logo on our website. 

In Solidarity and Friendship,


Diana Boal

Executive Director

Shelldale Family Gateway


Please watch this video to learn more about Shelldale Family Gateway and all the amazing work that we do.

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