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$35 protects families from Malaria

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$35 protects families from Malaria

Killed by a tiny bite? Or saved by a simple mosquito net?

Natural disasters like cyclones and floods, as well as stagnant waters found in refugee camps, create the perfect breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitos. 

Can you imagine, surviving a natural disaster, or fleeing from violence, only to be struck down with malaria from one tiny bite? 

With no shelter after disaster, many families will have nothing to protect them from fatal bites. But a simple gift of mosquito nets can protect a whole family.

$35 can provide an entire family with mosquito nets, giving them the protection they need to be safe from malaria. $185 can provide a family with an emergency ShelterKit and mosquito nets - ensuring that no family is left without shelter and protection. 

As monsoon season approaches, and heavy rains begin to fall around the world, malaria-carrying mosquitos are more likely to hatch, putting thousands of people in jeopardy. 

Killed by a tiny bite? Or saved by a simple mosquito net? It should never be a question. 

Donate today to give families the shelter and protection they need to recover from disaster. 

ShelterBox hand-delivers emergency shelter aid to vulnerable families devastated by natural disaster and conflict. Your gift today ensure that families around the world have somewhere to call home.