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Protect Refugees from COVID-19

Campaign Ends July 31, 2020
Here in Canada we've been told to stay home as much as possible to limit the spread, but around the world, particularly in refugee camps and displacement settlements, coronavirus poses a bigger, different threat. It is a crisis within an already existing crisis.
Long before coronavirus, homes were destroyed or families were forced to flee, giving them no where to 'shelter in place'. No home, no privacy, no way to self-isolate. Refugee camps and displacement centres are overcrowded, there is limited access to sanitation, and often their countries lack significant health care. Nigeria and Cameroon have reported over 100 cases, and we have seen how quickly 100 can become 20,000.
The need for humanitarian support is greater than ever for families already living in inhumane conditions. Right now, ShelterBox is working even harder with our partners around the world to provide families with emergency shelter. They need us now more than ever.
The UN has made it clear that adequate shelter is critical to preventing the occurrence of respiratory diseases among refugees. ShelterBox provides tents and emergency shelter to families which will help slow the spread of coronavirus. Thanks to your support we are also provide families with water filters and carriers. Clean water is essential to keeping people safe from COVID-19. 
Please, consider making a donation today to help limit the spread of coronavirus in refugee camps.
For more information on how ShelterBox Canada is supporting refugees and displaced persons in Somaliiand, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, and the Syrian Region please visit out website
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